Recruiting for Last Two Achievements

I put this in Recruiting a few days ago but got no response…

There are some achievements in Halo Wars 2 that must be done in co-op.

The 2 I need are:

Comrades in arms, Earned a gold medal on any mission (except Prologue) in Co-op on Legendary and

Two heads are better than none, Won a Skirmish match with a friend against only AI opponents (2 or more).

I tried the matchmaking option for the 2nd one but that didn’t work. It will be incredibly easy though. We can literally do it on Easy. The second one should be pretty easy too. A video on YouTube suggested cartographer but I think 130 might be even faster and easier. That’s the one I did the Lonewolf achievement on. The spartan can do all the work because her shields regenerate.

I’m in San Francisco and I play in the evenings. No mic required but I might be able to communicate through Xbox live but I’ve never done it on PC. Or we can communicate through discord, it’s the same gamertag. (Or I can play on console now that I just got one. I played Halo Wars on console but I played HW2 on PC.)