Recruiting for HRCMT (custom edition)

Hello, I am a writer, sound designer, and voice actor looking for a team of of skilled individuals to help me develop a halo reach themed campaign in halo custom edition. This campaign will be a retelling of Halo 2 / 3, and a “sequel” to CMT SPV3 with the same philosophy in mind. Revamp these campaigns with elements of later games with custom scenarios, discarded content, etc. All in the halo reach art style. This will be a series that will require open sauce as there will be vehicle boarding, abilities, fire rate changes, and cross map unlocking (TBD). The goal amount of levels I am hoping to make is 23+, enough to cover both games. I’m not gonna lie, it will take a great deal of time and effort, possibly a few years (3-5 Conservative estimate).

I do intend to have the team start of with prototype levels before moving on to the main idea so as to see if they work, can be improved and work with the story. I get that this is a huge undertaking of a project, Rome wasn’t built in a day, its obvious that this will take a great deal of time and effort, so please don’t point out what I already know, it contributes nothing.Since most of the assets we will be using are going to be premade / already existing, that takes a huge chunk of developing time out of the process leaving more time for story development, map design, coding, cinematics, sound design, and weapon balancing. I intend to make this campaign a reality.

Questions that are to be preemptively answered:

Q: Why halo reach?

A: I like the art style and designs, The hands still look pretty even in the 10 year old CE engine unlike halo 3’s, CMT’s art style only has one spartan designed and I intend to have more than one, plus it will be the very first English halo reach single player mod.

Q: Will the arbiter be playable?

A: TBD, if the team I recruit can help me develop his levels to be fun, maybe, but he will be a campaign made for post launch content after the master chief campaign, but he will still be part of the main game as a nemesis for the halo 2 section, and an ally for the halo 3 section.

Q: Will all the tags be custom?

A: No, At most we’ll have custom drawing / reload animations for preexisting reach tags (there are plans though for a reach themed battle rifle, but that will probably involve splicing models rather than building one from the ground up). We’ll also be changing the speed of certain vehicles to fit the feeling of speed reach had for it’s vehicles, and possibly import and change some of the fan vehicles like the black wasp from the multiplayer map solitude. Using pre-made tags helps cut down on time spent modelling weapons, bipeds, and vehicles when we can be modelling maps.

Q: Will the maps be custom?

A: For the most part yes, we intend to have the maps be fully custom made, but we do intend on borrowing assets from preexisting maps to save on time or using multiplayer maps entirely and modifying them / expanding them.

Q: Will there be any interesting game play scenarios?

A: There are a few ideas we have.

1: Space Battle /enemy ship infiltration. (starwars battle front emulation)

2: On rail shooter on warthog turret/passenger seat, possibly even falcon or pelican.

3: arkham predator scenario emulation.

4: Flood horror scenario where you are unarmed, unshielded, and badly injured in the middle of a flood hive.

5: Global battles

6: Hostage rescues

7: Vehicle Boss Battles

8: Vehicle escape chases

Staff Required:
The current staff we have right now are voice actors, sound engineers, and writers. None of us are very technical people, nor are we experienced in modding, we are just people trying to bring a vision to life, and we need your help.

(First Person Animations, Cutscenes, Etc)

Map designers:
(decides how the map will be designed, where enemies, weapons, vehicles, and events will be placed.)

Programmers familiar with all of the scripting languages halo and opensauce uses.
(Scenarios, vehicle paths, scripted events, AI / firing behaviors, cutscene triggers, tag balancing, etc.)

(model splicing, model editing, bsp modelling, etc.)

Tool guys:
(putting the map, scenarios, and assets together, using modding tools like hek, and open sauce, etc)

Texture atrists:
(editing colors / textures on bipeds, weapons)

I will have assets readily available for editing and tagging.There are obviously more things we need. Feel free to volunteer and join my mapping team.

Skype: Officialrevengeskype

Discord: Officialrevengediscord#0499