Recruiting for Halo Clan: The Crimson Dominion

After about a year away from playing Halo, I’ve decided to come back to it and start up a brand new Halo clan: The Crimson Dominion. I intend for us to be arena/custom game focused, with Achilles armor being a fairly low priority until enough members to reasonably go after it are recruited. I plan to host biweekly trainings with callouts, power-up spawn times, and movement strategies being highlighted, and a detailed ranking system will be created as well to add an extra incentive to participate frequently. While this may be brand new, I have experience leading Halo clans dating back to 2009 and with the right members to help me get this off the ground, this clan should be something special that is quite different from the Achilles-hunting companies that you see everywhere. With that in mind, leadership opportunities are wide open for anyone who wishes to go for that and can demonstrate adequate ability, and the first members I recruit will have a large influence on how the clan shapes itself for the future. If you’re interested, just respond to the thread or message me on Xbox Live, and please be sure to meet the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years or older - Minimum rank of 50 - Positive K/D ratio - Active at least 3 days a week - Willingness to listen to more experienced players and verbally cooperate in-game - Willingness to add a small section to Xbox bio and change emblem color