Recruiting for Future Clan

Hello everyone. I am here to discuss a new clan I am developing. It is not quite ready yet but should be up and running in 2 weeks tops(Around Christmas week). The clan is unofficially called the “Sentinels of the Silver Eclipse”. This clan will be made up of hardcore, Cooperative, members with skill. If you wish to join in the future, continue reading below.


  • Must have a Mic
  • Teamwork/Effort
  • Willing to listen to fellow members ideas of success
  • No Chatterboxes(People who talk A-LOT)
  • A cool head(no yelling into the mic)


  1. Respect your peers and help them when needed
  2. NO LONE WOLFING!!! (This is a team effort clan, we do things together)
  3. No arguments on who has what.(Such as if someone called the Mantis,
    you must respect that)
  4. No whining on who stole your kill! Work together to achieve victory.
  5. Respect other members tactics
  6. No hoarding weapons! (Meaning that you may want the sniper 'cuz it’s “cool” but don’t get much kills with it. Your fellow ‘brother’/‘sister’ may be an expert at sniping so let him/her have it instead. Same goes for vehicles. Someone with ‘Wheelman’ is better suited for driving than the average spartan
  7. Finally, never ever ever ever betray your teammates on purpose! (Accidents can happen though) The result of this due to rage or envy is immediate banishment from the clan! (No Exceptions!)
    Failure to comply with rules is a
    periodic scolding and/or banishment

If you wish to join the clan coming in late December, Message me on Halo Waypoint or Xbox-Live. (Gamertag; haloworld1238) Thank you and godspeed young spartans…