Recruiting For Fireteam Victoriam

Victoriam stands for Victory, and that’s exactly our goal. We are a fireteam that is sent on only the toughest of missions. We are trained in the use of all types of weaponry, though we prefer to use UNSC issued equipment. The team utilizes a wide set of skills ranging from forerunner and covenant analysts, hackers, heavy medium and light weapons experts, snipers, cqc positions, explosive experts and stealth experts. We are a well disciplined team and we give 200 percent into our team. We have been a team for many years and we are very devoted to each other. The great men and women and Fireteam Victoriam are like brothers and sisters. We are tight and are loyal. We have a strong leadership program which is managed by our fireteam leader Sh0ckCharg3. To join our fireteam is a great honor and not everyone will be accepted, but if you are sharp, cunning, strong, loyal and have the heart of a lion you shall become part of the honored.

We are accepting most to join our ranks

No requirements

Try to be on the game about once a month or more

Working to get the achilles armour

link to profile:
Fireteam Victoriam

PM Spider Man N0IR for questions