Recruiting for Evil Corp gaming (ecg)

if u dont feel like reading all of this u dont have to just go to are website.

Recruiting Video:

If interesed Plz feel free to mssg ECGxG4M3R over xbl anytime, n ill be sure to get back to you.


EvilCorpGaming is always seeking for active gamers willing to join a “corporate themed” clan. Our ranks reflects to those of a real company and is handled and managed in the same manner. This provides an all around fun complement to your gaming experience.

  • Family oriented gaming community
  • We offer competitive teams for each of our featured games
  • We offer casual gamers for recreational online gaming
  • Zero spam/cheat/drama tolerance policy
  • Fully functional website
  • Community forums with gallery, video, clan areas
  • Live broadcasts from our PC and Xbox divisions
  • Ventrilo server for our PC gamers
  • Management is 100% involved within the clan
  • Prize winning tournaments
  • Clan wide fun nights and practice nights
  • Merchandise available at the virtual store
  • Friendly active members
  • Easy rules backed up by a “Procedures and Policies Guide”

Any Requirements?

  • Must be over the age of 16
  • Must post at least 4 times on the forums per month
  • Must read and accept our Rules and Policies


  • Must play an Evil Corp Gaming Featured game
  • Must play with clan members


  • Must Have a headset
  • Must be active on Ventrilo
  • Must play with clan members

Do I Have Join ECG?

No, all members are allowed to be part of Evil Corp Gaming without actually being in the clan. We have many features that can be enjoyed by all members even if they are not in the clan. The only requirement that we have is that you post at least 4 times a month.

  1. Regular members AKA UnemployedAll members who do NOT have an “ECGx” tag in front of their username are not part of the clan. How ever they can still participate in the public areas of the forums including video and art sections.

  2. Clan members AKA EmployeesALL ECG members have “ECGx” tag in front of their username. These members have access to Evil Corp Gaming Clan Area. These people are considered Clan Members.

How Do I Apply?

Step 1Register at the ECG Forums

Step 2Verify your email (go to your inbox)

Step 3Submit an application in the forums

Step 4Read our Policies And Procedures page

<mark>ABOUT USE:</mark> The interactive world of gaming is a collaboration of servers and networking all for the advantage of bringing people together for recreational purposes in the convenience of home. Throughout the generations of gaming consoles and annual PC upgrades it wasn’t until the 21 century that we began to understand the impact would have on the world. With social networking sites on the rise it’s only fair for gaming clans, teams, and organizations to follow suit. Whether it’s checking out various forums to discover the next big thing, checking the latest game reviews, or hearing about it through a friend, social networking has long been a part of the gaming industry. Much like the beginning of the popular social networking sites, which have their own stories to tell, so much is true about the rise, fall, and rebirth of Evil Corporation Gaming or ECG.

In the days of Call of Duty 2 (2005), a group of friends created a team based not only for the passion they had for the game but also their skills. Through team work, dedication, leadership, and communication they created a small Game Battles team that for a short time was virtually unstoppable. With things going well and quickly becoming a dominant force, this band of brothers lost one of their own in a tragic car accident. Disorientated, the remaining members were unsure what to do. The clan would eventually disband and continued on with their lives, heading to college and work. Though their love of gaming continued only one remained to carry out the memory, Savage.

After years of gaming with different clans, teams, and structures, Savage has undertaken several roles except for one; Clan Owner. Upset with how former clans were led, he decided to take control and create Evil Corporation Gaming. With a few dedicated, talented, and good friends, the dream became reality on March 23rd, 2009. After creating a forum for members, he continued hard to create a community of gamers who sought fun and competition. Entrusting people to share the vision that is ECG he took time off to finally collect his thoughts through the years and spend time with his woman Krayola who has been his backbone. Thinking everything was set, one of his members/trustees hacked the site and all hell had broken loose again. Savage returned to the burning ashes of what he had struggled for so long to create. Betrayed and fed up with the lies and deceit he continued to game, but it was never enough and never the same. Following the release of Call of Duty World at War (2008), four people emerged out of the burning embers of ECG, like the rebirth of the mythical Phoenix.

Having a team Savage continued to toy of bringing back the clan, unwilling to let past experiences haunt him. The four continued to work as a team, playing mainly for fun. Yamahammer the sniper, Kal the toobing Canadian, Jewbagel the crazy, Krayola the queen, and Savage the…. well savage, and several other casual gamers all enjoyed the thrill of the game. Win after win they continued to play through to the wee hours of the morning until finally the decision to revive ECG was made. With the old forum site up and running and stable leadership the doors yet again opened for ECG. The sixth came about through the community and emerged as Solrac. Having shared the same vision and passion for the community he created for us the new forums and website you see here today.

Evil Corporation Gaming is now growing by leaps and bounds. We welcome everyone here in hopes to share the same passions for gaming as well as creating a fun and informative community. Knowing the past of what was and what is now is a part of having pride in our community. Sharing these feelings of dedication, pride, team work, and brotherhood in the gaming community sets us apart from all other clans. Be proud, be honorable, be passionate, but most importantly help us share the vision that each and every current member has of becoming a well known entity in this interactive world of gaming!