Recruiting for Destiny 2 Ghosts of Reach

Anybody excited for Destiny 2!? Clans are going to be a major part in the next sequel & We are looking for cool adult likeminded players who want to join our tightly knit clan for destiny 2. We emphasize teamwork and cooperative strategy and also looking to have a good time as well. But ultimately we play to win. When the time is necessary We will take things serious and be competitive, but same time We won’t rage when things get tough and we want that positive mentality in new recruits, We will do raids, trials, and crucible, strikes, everything and anything in destiny 2! I posted here on waypoint because Halo players get down! So if you think your a good match for our clan Ghosts of Reach! shoot me a message and I’ll get you enlisted!


I think this is for Halo groups only…doesn’t Destiny have its own Forums?
“Because Halo players get down” is not exactly the best reason…