Recruiting for Cerca Trova

We are a group of a few friends who wants to get the Achilles armor but it would be impossible for us by our own, that’s why we are looking for players like you to help us to get that armor.
It doesn’t matter if you are a good or bad player, if you want the Achilles armor, ask us to join this company and we will accept you regardless of your K / D, skill or if you play a lot or little.
If you are interested, send a message to the next accounts on Xbox Live:
Or just send your request to get in.
Somos un grupo de amigos que buscan conseguir la armadura Achilles pero entre nosotros sería una tarea imposible, por eso buscamos jugadores como tú para que juntos, lleguemos a nuestra meta.
No importa si eres bueno o malo, si quieres conseguir el Achilles, solicítanos ingresar a esta compañía y te aceptaremos sin importar tu K/D, skill o si juegas mucho o poco.
Si estás interesado, manda un mensaje a las siguientes cuentas de Xbox Live:
O simplemente envía tu solicitud para ingresar

Going to lock this in favor of one of your other threads; remember you only get one thread for recruiting.