Recruiting for a military based clan

Hello if you have come to this topic you are either looking or are interested in joining a clan. Well if you want to join a military based clan in the community then look no further than NIGHTWATCH

NIGHTWATCH is a military based clan founded by me and we’ve been around since January 2016. Our base structure is military so we go by military ranks.

At the moment we only have one branch and that’s the army. Our goal right now is to make sure the halo clan community for military based clans is stable enough for new clans to form without incident.

If you need more info or anything at all feel free to message me on XBOX: SonicCybrDoctor

I am active very much and when I’m not working I can get to you ASAP. I live on EST so I can work with all time zones, i don’t mind.

There is NO ARMOR REQUIREMENT so do not worry if you think you need to wear a specific armor to my clan. We’re not like that.


  1. Must have a mic
  2. Must be 13+ years of age
  3. Must be willing to follow orders
  4. Service Tag, emblem and clan colors shall be worn at all times when with members or during clan events/raids/training sessions.
  5. Must have Halo 5

Now those are the basic rules. I will go over the main rules if you are interested in joining. If you are please message my gamertag above and I will talk to you soon.

See you on the Battlefield soldier!