Recruiting for a Combat Battalion

Hello, My name is Benjamin, but most of you will knoiw me as GrindingNeon.
I am interested in scouting out recruits for a number of Combat Battalions, this will be SIMILAR to a clan function, BUT, the only obligation you will be under is to change your clan tag(when ingame with battalion) to a designation for which Battalion you’re in and what number you are.

I would prefer skilled players, but I am not exclusive to only players of skill. If you are fun loving, like to crack jokes back and forth, maybe a tad rowdy, but over all filled with laughter, this is something for you.

Battalions will be designated by the first three letters of a color name followed by a number(1-4). In the process of organizing battalions based on skill, and teamwork, there will be occasional sessions for performance evaluations.

You cannot and will not be removed from your Battalion unless A) You frequently show aggression toward your Battalion, B)Fail to be present for matches with your Battalion, or C) Desire to be removed from your Battalion.

No color change, Bio change, Gamertag change, Motto change, armor change, or any other change(excluding clantag at showtime) is required.


If you are interested, contact me on LIVe, i am Grinding Neon.
You can also contact me on Facebook at

I hope to see you on the battlefield!