Recruiting for a Brand new community (CGA)

Hi everyone,

As the title says, me and my other founding members are looking for gamers specific to Halo, to join our cause in becoming the greatest gaming community of all time.

Yes, this is aiming very high considering there are the likes of Renegade Gaming, KSI and Die Hard Gamers. But, we have high hopes for this community as we have very talented members working on our website and trying to acquire sponsors.

I will be honest, we currently have a very tiny roster, but we hope to reach the thousands at some point.

Our community:

This brand new community is called ‘Chronic Gamers Alliance’ and requires only one thing, for you to have fun.

And I know, a lot of the gamers out there want competition and believe me, we will have a LOT of competition within and outside.

That’s a guarantee!

If you are interested in Joining please feel free to message me on my GT: Rhiinooo


Another founder; GT: Sxc Shane

And here is a link to our ‘work in progress’ website:

One thread per clan/group please. You can find your original recruitment thread here. Thanks.