Recruiting decent teammates

Hey everyone. Are you sick of having to carry your team of bad kids and their guests? Are you done with being a random? Are you sick of people rushing to get sniper, then choking with every shot? Are you sick of your team quitting on you? Ever play MLG and NO ONE else has a mic? Are you SO F’ING FED UP with clueless randoms in CTF games who actually run back to their OWN base when the other team has your flag, as if the other team is going to bring it back there?!??!?!?!

Well I sure am.

That’s why I would like to recruit a team of equally-skilled, decent players for mostly Team Slayer, Team Objective, and occasionally MLG and other things.

Now, before you go, wah wah but you don’t have a ridiculously good K/D ratio… etc. yeah, I’m not a pro, not looking to be a pro. I play a lot of games against teams that have good team work and team shooting, so yeah, that’s why I am here!

So what do I mean by “decent”? Above average players, that can pick up other people that are struggling, and work together with a team to all get better and win more games. Be willing to learn, and teach. Lead and follow. Be comfortable with ANY weapon on the map. Know maps inside and out. If you’re interested, read on.

About me: I am a committed Halo player that played some H2, tons of H3 and Reach, and can’t wait to play H4. I have lots of fun playing. I like watching pros on My favorite players to watch on there are Ninja and Absolutely. I also like T2 and a bunch of others in general. My favorite game type is probably CTF games, because of the strategy involved, but have fun in everything EXCEPT I don’t care for Invasion. I like most custom games too. As a player, I favor the DMR and sniper. I can slay, but also understand how to win objective games. I am a good communicator, and know all the MLG callouts, but it’s ok if you don’t. I am a fast learner and have been told I am a good teacher. I’m pretty chill, but very competitive. I don’t scream or get mad easily, except at ten games in a row with noob teammates. AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!! lol, again that’s why I’m here!

So, now for the requirements. This post is purposefully long, to weed out the people that lack the uh, ability? lol, or patience to read the whole thing. Which leads me to the first requirement:

  1. Intelligence. This has so many definitions, so let me break it down.
    a) In-game intelligence. I play a lot of Objective games, so knowing logical strategy in these games is crucial. We would obviously go over this during practice games. Decision making during games must be on point. To go for the kill, or run and to cover to stay alive. To arm the bomb, or drop it and shoot. To chase a 1-shot enemy, or let hiim go… etc. Again, we can all learn how to deal with these as a team.
    b) Being a fast learner. A huge part of gaming is being not only able to react, but to pick up on patterns in what the enemies are doing, and being able to adjust. Also learning as a team is crucial.
    c) Sense of humor. This is one of the highest forms of intelligence. I love trolling people, and been at it since before it was mainstream. My idea of trolling is if someone sends a nasty message to any member of my team, we are able to comeback with the meanest, funniest, most ridiculous responses. My ideal team would be people that can laugh at other people that try to laugh at us. More on this if you join. :smiley:

  2. Be a decent shot. Being able to out-DMR the slight majority of people you face is all I ask. Like, at least 60% of the time you’re winning DMR battles. And you must be handy with the sniper.

  3. Be a team player. This is mandatory. You must agree to the idea that there is no such thing as stealing a kill. Ever. You are team shooting. OK, one exception. If you Yoink a kill with no other enemies around on purpose, that’s kind of a -Yoink- move. But if you can vibe with a team, that probably wouldn’t happen.

  4. Communication. No mic? No play. That’s it. Not communicating is like playing one handed. Why would you handicap yourself? By the way, I’ve been told my voice sounds like Eeore from Winnie the Pooh. I can’t help that. Deal with it.jpg lol.

  5. Be competitive. We can joke around and be funny and mess with people, but when it’s game time, we need to win. I am really competitive but also not a -Yoink- about it. I don’t get mad and scream or anything, but I do try to do well.

  6. Last, but not least, be Committed. Have the time and ability to play on a somewhat regular schedule, to be decided later. Make sure you really want to be part of a team before you join. Otherwise you might be taking a spot from someone else who is ready.

For the record, I don’t care about team names, emblems, clans, whatever. I’ll go with anything.

If this post comes across mean or demanding, please know I’m pretty laid back in person.

That’s it. As you can see the GT is: FOAR BOXXY. Hit me up with a message on XBL please, saying you’re from waypoint and want to be part of the team. I’ll get back to you with details. Can’t wait to start pwning with you guys!

Hey! I want to be a part of a clan like that. I haven’t been playing Halo for awhile but now that 4 is just around the corner I will be ramping my play back up. I have a mic (consider it a requirement for team games) and I share many of your frustrations. I am an average player but I know what I am doing and I always play for the team/objective.


GT: MaximusAgustus

Hey, PM me this sounds like what I’m looking for.

GT: LivinOnEdge aka Edge

Hey everyone. Almost have a full team! Let me know if you are ready to be on a serious team!

Thanks for the responses on XBL and here guys! Still would like a couple more people though. All those interested, please message me ASAP with your available gaming schedule, or when you have at least an hour free to play this week. Then check with me on XBL for updates.

Whats going on? What you said is pretty much what I have been looking for. I’m decent in most game modes but i do have my bad games, who doesn’t but i have noticed if you work together then everyone usually does better. So i guess what im saying is I’m down to play.

I sent LivingOnEdge a friend request without response yet. Please let me know if you are still interested.

Everyone else, we still got limited spots open for a really cool team guys! Message me on XBL stating times you are available to play during the week, thanks.

Edge has joined Be the Bullet

EVERYONE: If you did NOT receive a friend request from me, please send me one. I might have got some of your GT’s wrong. LOL thanks.

ATTENTION: We are currently looking for one more “Slayer” to join our awesome team.

As a “Slayer” your job will be to work with other players on our team and focus primarily on killing enemies using precision and power weapons. You must also be able to inflict large amounts of damage to enemy teams “from the grave” (i.e. getting quality last minute grenades). You must communicate to effectively team-shoot and clean up kills.

You will NOT be expected to pull flags, plant bombs, or sit in territories during Objective games, unless of course the situation ABSOLUTELY requires it. You will NOT be expected to think up team strategies, although any suggestions you have will be taken seriously and discussed as a team. You will NOT be expected to lead the team in any strategic way.

You WILL, however, be expected to listen and respond to other player’s callouts, and act accordingly. Although you will mostly be left to get kills any way that you see fit, occasionally you WILL be expected to follow direct orders. You WILL be expected to “protect” team mates during some occasions. (We’ll go over all this.)

So does this mean we need you to carry our team? No. OK, well actually, HELL NO! We have some pretty vicious killers already that you will be working with.

-Must be a good precision-type killer, lethal with the DMR and Sniper. Able to rack up kills on Slayer and Objective games and basically distract the entire other team, and disrupt their game plan.

-Must be mic’d up and willing to learn and use OUR totally awesome and easy to learn custom callouts. (Trust me, you’ll like them. Don’t worry, we still use MLG callouts on MLG maps though.)

-Must be a friendly team player with a great POSITIVE attitude. (No whining/no cockiness, unless its jokingly cocky.)

-Must have a good sense of humor.

BONUS, (but not necessary):
-Know most of the common Team Slayer, Objective, and MLG maps inside out, including MLG callouts, and all maps’ weapon spawn locations and times.

-Live on Halo Reach. Constantly online and playing all hours of day and night.

-Be a total Halo nerd. Get super excited about Halo.

We do mostly Team Slayer, Team Objective, some MLG, some customs, and various other game types. And yes… we’ll try whatever lame game type you love to play. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Send me a message on XBL to contact me. Please state that you are looking to join as a slayer.

And please:


EDIT: We are all in US Time Zones, and play early evening into the night. Pretty relaxed on exact times though.