Recruiting Clan Members!!!

Do YOU have what it takes?

"Ego Non Movebitur In Aeternum." Latin for “I Shall Never Be Shaken”

We are Mature, Fun, Veterans of the Halo Series. We strive to be the most feared and recognized of all the Spartan Companies. We want our enemies to shake with fear when they see our company ID’s.

Name of Clan : Spartans of Shade (SOS)

Point of Contact : N0BLE Wookie (Company 5 Star General)… P.S. thats the number “zero” in “N0BLE”

Clan mission : Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment to all gamers. As gamers we’re competitive, we encourage those who wish to take their gaming to the next level, just as we encourage those who support the community and choose to play on a recreational level. We also host game nights and tournaments.Apply if you are…

  • Active - Over age 17+ - Love the Halo series - Looking to be part of a community of active Spartans. - We encourage microphones - We play all game variants, but specialize in Warzone, Capture, Slayer, SWAT… and sometimes Lone WolfIf you would like more information, send a private message to the Gamertag N0BLE Wookie