Recruiting Casual Gamers- TNSO Knights

Everyone out there seems to be in a rush for Achilles. Alot of people seem to forget that back in 2001, in Halo: Combat Evolved, there WERE no spartan companies. There were no achievements, no Recon, nothing. There were only “the Lulz” and people setting up LAN parties to get drunk and play halo.

Here at The New Spartan Order, and its Branch, TNSO Knights, we seek to return to the roots of Halo Multiplayer. We do not demand a high KDA, or skills. We don’t care if you suck at halo, or if you are the ranking champion. All we care about is that you come to have a good time, and seek to play with some friends.
If this is what you want, this is the place for you. Message any of the following or head to our clan page to join!

Leader: InhumanProdigyX
Administrative Branch Manger (Knights): Jbur0406

The New Spartan Order- Our Main branch. CURRENTLY FULL- Applications will be deffered to TNSO Knights
TNSO Knights- Our company branch, CURRENTLY OPEN