Recruiting actors for machinima!!!!

We need high level/ medium level players with a decent collection of armor, also anyone interested in doing body acting, voice acting (i prefer if you owned a computer mic.)and available for a decent time periods.

Here’s the plot in order to see if you’ll fit the parts.

Due to a broken and lifeless planet humanity has left earth and colonized other planets in order to survive, in order to maintain peace the humans created a high power known as “The Horsemen” 4 men or women in charge of the 4 squadrons (North,South,East and West) in order to maintain peace among their race. The year is 3118 and a horsemen has died. Therefor 4 new horsemen must be chosen and so the horsemen challenge has been issued. Each colony must submit 4 candidates to participate and have them dual the other colonies representatives. Once all have fallen and only four remain the new horsemen will have been

Openings available

Rival Horsemen to antagonist (main position)(Voice/body actors)

Other horsemen teams (Sub position)(voice/body actors)
2 War
2 Famine
2 Pestilence
2 Death

Others (voice actors)
(Civilians, Officers, Army men/women)

<mark>Please Comment if your interested</mark>
and Leave the position you wish to apply for

Thank you

I’m working with Mandown on this machinima too, we really do need some voice and body actors. It will be really fun.

ATM i’m working on the trailer, if you sign up now i can get your character into the opening sequence. and you’ll be guaranteed a place as reoccurring actor.

I would like to be in this as the sub actor war. i don’t really think i would be able to do very good voice acting and I’m about to be major. i cannot do it this next week or on most weekdays. i know I’m not the best candidate out there but i can follow directions very well. message me back on my GamerTag CALIxDeath please. thanks.

By all means your in, i’m on xbox right now if you could get on sometime today it would be greatly appreciated. Add me once your ready my GT is Mandown232 i’ll also send you a message online just in case you don’t get back on this thread.

I am available i have a pro mic

alright what position were you thinking of taking?

Still need more actors

hey i can probably take 2 roles if you want.

> hey i can probably take 2 roles if you want.

Sounds good, if you can disguise your voice effectively.


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I wouldn’t recommend bumping, could get this thread locked as spam.

I’m in. I’m a Legend with everything except two helmets and two chest pieces. I’m decent with voice acting (I’m no Morgan Freeman lol), I’m a pretty good player, and I use my Turtle Beaches for recording. Drop me a FR on XBL (LuridShadowX).

Send Mandown a message and I’m sure he could accommodate you.

yes i believe i can disguise my voice very well and i think if not you can edit if you have voice editing software on your computer. i could probably do a good civilian or a person who comes in once or twice I’m rival death so it would have to be scenes that my main isn’t in.

Alright the trailer is up. if you like to check it out click here

if you like to visit our website and keep up the date heres that link too

we still need voice actors so please continue to apply

I’d be interested in helping.

add my GT and we can talk Mandown232

still looking for voice actors

do you still need any body actors