Recruiting a team, not a clan.

  • We are a team not a clan. We do host nontraditional tryouts for admission.- We take this team seriously. We have practice times, and various requirements to gain admission to the team.- We are expecting to travel to events, so you must be financially able to do so.- We are not just looking for gamers. We are also looking for media experts, coaches, and strategists.The primary list of requirements are as follows:- Must have a mic, other than the kinect or the XB1 default.- Must have a Skype account, and Skype on your Xbox one.- Willing/Can travel.- Must be at least 18+ years old(16 under special circumstances)- Must know an intermediate amount of the callouts.- Must have intermediate knowledge of maps, and game.- Must be willing to listen, learn, and communicate.If still interested contact GT: Ginger Jezeus

or submit an application soon.


Message me, Ginger, or Golden to try out. I am currently online.

Message me for a try out and I’ll play you.

Im Interested in a tryout, message me.


Yo man,
my GT is GETTING GASH I’m from the UK I’m down to join your team, just send me a party invite so we can talk. Thanks.

I applied. I suggest taking away the cell phone question, after viewing the other responses I was able to see all of their cell numbers and skype names. I didn’t enter my cell number lol.


Hey I was asking Ginger the other day for a 4v4 scrimmage. Do you guys have your 4th yet?

Final bump.

Can you answer my question?

Realistically starting scrims with a new members isn’t the way to practice. Strategizing, analytical perspective, and a variety of other things come into play. So no not at the moment.

Message me when you’re ready then.