Recruiting 2 teammates

Me and a friend are currently looking for 2 teammates to join us in our quest to become pro competitive players when Halo 5 fully releases in December. Applicants must:

-Be willing to practice everyday
-COMMUNICATE!!! This is the biggest one of all. You MUST have a mic and MUST be willing to learn call outs if you don’t already know them.

  • be able to set aside ego and work for the good of the team. That means being able to put aside your obsession with KDA ratio and FOCUS ON HELPING THE TEAM WIN. We are playing to win. We expect our teammates to be doing the same
  • you don’t need to be the best sniper or best BR 4 shot, but you DO need to be flexible and be willing to listen to constructive criticism
    -also, we are only accepting players who are MATURE! Not in age wise, but in behavior and attitude. We are serious and enjoy having a good time and we never berate or bash on teammates. We communicate and forgive/forget. This is a must.

If interested, message me or my friend with a brief description of your play style and any team experience

gt: goldenfiz ( me)
gt: X3M Jay (teammate)

We hope to hear from you soon.