Recruiters, I need you

I am looking for a large sized community/clan/Company to join I have a thing for organization and ranks dont care if I start out private or pondscum im just looking for structure and people to make friend and say “yes I am a part of that”
P.S. send message via xbox or forums GT: is Xaos Theater

Add me ItsFrosticles building up a new company called Cloud Tempest looking for more members you are more than welcome

Are you tired of playing by yourself? Then you should join FireTeamGammafall. We are a casual spartan company based on having fun and being a little competitive. We have 33 active and loyal gamers! We play a bit of everything on Halo 5 from CO-OP Campaign to Assault Warzone.

Greetings I’m a General from The Principality of Zeon and I am here to ask you to enlist in our organization for SpaceNoid freedom. We The Principality of Zeon are based on an antagonist faction from the Universal Century Gundam anime series and manga novels. Zeon was created originally to liberate humanity in a revolution against the Earth Federation and the ruling elite for freedom. The way we bring this into the Halo universe is to make our organization have a canon insurrectionist ideology against the UNSC. We plan to do Raids, WarZone, competitive Arena and casual custom games.
In Zeon we issue colored uniforms for branches and ranks. We have a basic militaristic styled raking system and we have Three branches in Zeon. Ground Attack Force,Royal Guards and the Space Attack Force. Before going into the Ground Force or Space Attack Force you must compleat a Cadet fazed training process that could take up to four days to complete. Once you have finished your Cadet boot you may pick a branch to enlist in but to become a Royal Guard you must be hand picked for this is a vary important and secret branch. We plan on becoming the best clan on Halo and we wish to dominate our enemies in battle while having fun at smacking randoms in WarGames. If you are interested in enlisting in Zeon check the requirements listed below!
“requirements to join”