Recreating Popular Maps from Halo: Reach!

I am recreating Halo: Reach maps in Halo 5. I have already made a Just Keep Driving V02. Ignoring the fact that these were already recreated, what maps should I attempt to recreate. (Refrain from maps that were already implemented in Halo: Reach. Use for Ex: Speed halo, Just keep driving, etc. Not Sword Base, etc…)
I will try to keep them a day build if I reach your suggestion.

I will fix any bugs or glitches and loading times after the day build. Just keep it going.

I’m recreating these maps MY way and try to stick to a classic style. I want to try to enhance the map, but keep with the classic style.44

I don’t know, I mean most developer Reach maps have already been done. The only thing I could think of doing is recreating some of the maps that use Alpine terrain, and swap it out for Barrens terrain to get that brown sand look alot of maps used to have, like Powerhouse, or Boneyard.