Recon still hasn't unlocked, help !

I have been playing halo 3 since it’s release date and I never recieved recon. I know that 343 unlocked it for everyone and I never got it? Any answers ? please help!

same thing here man. all i ever get in response is be patient it’ll come. cool i get that. so i log in to play one day and i see they are doing 7 on the 7th with the description "do you want recon, earn 7 experience and its yours. i followed orders and did just that and still havent gotten my recon armor yet.

Recon Armour will be unlocked for everyone eventually.

@MALTHUSIA, 7 on the 7th is a permanent playlist and has its EXP reset each month, the description is outdated.

Just give it some time man, one day you shall revive recon.

Hopefully haha

I must say that these topics keep on popping up… It might be a bug that 343i has to look into… It’s been 2 months and they didn’t get it… I only started playing last year and i got it on day 1… I don’t think it’s fair towards them…

Patience is the key! 343 has been very busy and haven’t had time to really focus on releasing Recon. But they are slowly releasing it. I honestly wish someone would take my Recon, I don’t even use it because I love my Elite armor I’ve worked hard for in Lone Wolves more.