Recon or Projection SMG

Guys can you tell me which better I think it is projection because of forrunner capablities

Recon. Both can use kinetic bolts. The only difference is the sight

I use the Recon all the time, but it always comes down to what you think works best for you.


Recon. Projection feels odd

whatever looks cooler

I have no idea. It’s basically the same.

Recon. Projection sights on any weapon are just plain stupid. I don’t see why anyone would choose projection over a scope or even reflex sights.

Recon, I hate the projection sight because of the fact that it makes it act like the basic AR. I prefer having the BR scope.

I like the Recon one better.

Zooming in with the projection sight doesn’t change much compared to hip fire with the smg. The recon scope does give you a noticeable effective range increase while scoped (especially with a long barrel).