Recon loss

Hey i recently redeemed a code for recon in halo:reach and accidentally canceled it so id like if i could get it back or a code or something and if u want me to send u guys the code msg me back. thankyou

actually thats exactly what i did and it said it has been redeemed, but sadly i went through cloud and my hard drive and idnt find anything, also i was upset at the moment and will probley delete the second post later and replace it with this one

> 2533274905216814;2:
> fine dont respond 343

You didn’t really give anyone much time to respond, also worth noting that Reach hasn’t really been supported for a while now. Regarding your issue, if you redeemed a code on Xbox Live then it automatically gets added to your account. If you cancel before completing the redemption then the code should still be valid, try typing it in again and see what the message says. If it says it has been redeemed, then you will already have it.