Recon helmet

So I pre-ordered Reach got the Recon helmet code entered it after the game came out. I used it for awhile I even purchased the UA/HUL[3]. I was going through my armory and noticed it said I do not own the helmet, it wants me to spend 100,000 cr to purchase it, but I still own the UA/HUL[3]. I have re-downloaded the DLC but it still does not work. Any sugestions ?

The code only unlocks UA/HUL[3] and not the other variants nor the original.

I agree it now says I must purchase the helmet for 100,000 credits. This was included with my pre order that said the code unlocked the recon helmet not the attachments.

no, it said it unlocked the recon helmet with visor. if you want the other attachments/base helmet, you’ll have to pay for them. thats just how it works.