Recon Helmet Qualifications

so i was wondering. do you only get the recon helmet if you preorder and then PICKUP the game? or can you get it from ONLINE ORDERING and get it in the mail? i heard ther was a slip or code that you use but that sucks if you oly get it at the midnight release.

I believe if you pre-order the game you’ll get the code.

From what I’ve been told they are only giving them to pre-order Gamestop buyers. However, they are at a limited supply so I don’t assume they will mail you the code. I could be wrong though so please do not quote me on that. I do know they are limited however.

You get the code for pre-ordering thats it.

I did not pre-order, I just went to walmart today and bought the game. It had the recon helmet code in it.

thanks man that means alot to me i was freakingh out and hey good luck in the Halo Reach world.

You can also get Recon for just buying at Wal-Mart. All the boxes say right on them that you get the Recon helmet.

Its not just for Pre-Order, its the first day, I didn’t Pre-Order and I received a code.

You can get the code for just buying the game, go to Wal-Mart, it says you get Recon right on the box.

Yep, just look on the cover. If you see an icon at the bottom (next to the game rating) that says “Bonus Spartan Recon Helmet” on it, you’re in.