Recon helm

I don’t know wtf happend but when I got my limited edition I didn’t have my limited elite armour or epic recon

Are you sure? Check through all the papers that came with the game for a code that’s 25 characters long

If you recently got Reach I don’t think you can get the Recon helmet anymore. You are going to need a ebay account to get that or buy it off a friend or something. The Officer Elite should be in where the game is held, look around the game booklet.

The recon helmet you get from the code is the recon helmet with a few attachments. There is another recon helmet without attachments you can buy and another one with different attachments.

i only got a 2 day gold membership which says elite armour but when i activated it it only gave me live no armour

i got reach at christmas

Try looking at the cards again. Recon helmet is on it’s own card. The rest of the things are on a card that has two codes, one for a 2 day trial and another for the Limited/Legendary content.

The Recon helmet and Elite Armor was a limited run, unlike the Limited Edition and Legendary copies of the game, which I see all over the stores.

if you want that recon helmet just go to a wal-mart lol they all have em.