recon didnt unlock. help!

Anybody elses recon armor not unlocking? I feel like this I’m the only one. I went out and bought lest for the halo 3 multiplayer to get ready for halo 4, and I saw many people with recon armor with no vidmasters. So. I did a little research and they gave out recon armor. I have waited for about a week and no armor. My gamer tag is Tyler Is SiicK. (Just want it for the shoulders.)

By the looks of it you only just started playing Halo 3, a majority of players were given it a while ago, considering you are new, it will take a while to unlock for you, just give it some time.

Alright, thanks. My old account Tyler Is FEARED got banned like 2 years ago, and I wanted to see if I could get my rank and armor back. I got my katana back. :slight_smile:

same thing happened to me got odst started playing halo3 online and i heard that everyone has recon and i didnt i want it real bad

The new Recon is Katana and Security. Recon is now just a free starting armor

You’re not the only one, i still don’t have it either.

you’re kidding? They gave it to EVERYONE, WTF I worked hard for that and now everyone can get it thats BS.

I laugh at the fact that I had played my 20000th social slayer game and ‘noticed’ that I had Recon, thnking that I earned it after 20k games. LOL


Ive been playing halo 3 since it came out and I still dont have it. -Yoinking!- 343 what an epic screw up