Recon controler scheme

So in one of the vids posted by MLG you can see the recon controlled scheme, its all great apart from 1 thing… You sprint with x and reload with rb… i dont mind the reload control, but sprinting with x is just awkward, I love all of the halo 4 info other than this and im gutted, having said that i have not played halo 4 yet so i dont know for definite but i dont think i like this, the controller scheme is meant to be like halo 3 so why do this, other than this im fine, but what do you guys think about this? is it such a big deal or am i been to picky? Also any of you bumper jumper guys, David ellis says they are looking into comments about it so im guessing it will be changed for you :slight_smile:

halo 3 had you crouching with the left stick. hell, every halo game but halo 4 has you crouching with the left stick. the recon layout is supposed to be the “classic” layout and taking crouch off the left stick would go against that. plus, coming from someone who played bumper jumper in reach having sprint on X is not a big deal at all. you won’t have to hold down the sprint button or anything so…

Which MLG Vid was it? And when did it show?


10 seconds in your gonna have to pause it though…

Recon will be my choice but X for sprinting is odd.

RB should be sprint and X for reloading.

I use bumper jumper in reach so sprint with x is my default.

The only difference between it and recon for reach is grenades are on the d-pad and sprint is on x. That is the classic.

X for Sprint? That’s goofy. I’ll be using Recon, since the other setups make no sense, but why don’t they just make X Reload/Action and RB Srint? Or preferably LB Sprint, RB Reload/Action, and X Armor Ability? I wish more Console games had custom-mapped controls like PC games.
Also, here are all the Halo 4 controller setups:

> Recon will be my choice but X for sprinting is odd.
> RB should be sprint and X for reloading.

^^That would be better.

I would like to see LB be sprint then RB as reload and X as Armor Ability (or vice versa on the last two). Either way, I believe that Sprint should for sure be a one of the bumpers since it will likely be a very often used button and be needed in split second decisions.