Recon assault rifle with energy bayonet

How do I redeem this on Xbox one?

Did you get a slip with a code on?

If you didn’t get a code in the mail, check your email. They may have sent the code to you there.

If its a code go to Market -> games -> redeem code

i entered the code and it says 100% downloaded but it isn’t coming up in halo 5

Check your REQ packs possibly? Especially any ones marked as “promotional”.

Ok thanks everyone!!!

I can’t get the free DLC. I’ve tried every thing that’s possible.

Is this permanent or one time use?

Mine didnt show up till noon today. they are having a back log with the delivery of the gun and lagrange skin.

I pre ordered the game from the Microsoft Store, and I didn’t get any code at all.

same im hoping it comes in the mail later or somethin

Anyone else pre-order and haven’t received the code yet? It wasn’t in the shipping package, nor have I received a code via e-mail. Kinda bummed. Hopefully they are just slow to dispatch.