Recommendations for making a spec ops class?

Hi all,

quick and easy question. Basically I’m trying to make a special ops class for my spartan in matchmaking, and I’m a little unsure of what to take. My preference for the moment is:-

Primary: Arctic BR
Secondary: Magnum
Perk 1: AA Efficiency (speeds up AA recovery time)
Perk 2: Extended motion tracker range

Thoughts? What would you field for a spec ops class? :slight_smile: - spec ops being stuff that “ordinary” spartans would have difficulty achieving.

EDIT: Just to clarify - this class if for MATCHMAKING ONLY - not campaign :wink:

I go.

Suppressor > BR, because the lag makes me miss a decent amount of the time. suppressor drops even the knights quick.

AA: Turret, for more dps

and I got with 3 grenades and more grenade aoe.

Works really well for farming episode 2 last mission.

Special ops in MM? What are you talking about?

CIO helmet