Recommendations for Halo5

NOTICE: These are just my opinions on what I think and what I feel should be implemented into Halo 5 to better improve not only my experience but also every other Halo fan. If you agree with my views and the points below then I please beg you to share this onward, post it on other forums, do what you will with this but please get the word out; the only way for us to be heard is for the community to help each other out and push our beliefs and thoughts forward so they can be heard. I will try to segregate each point into several categories (ie. Forge, Multiplayer, etc.)) Since this category has been most of the racket and upheaval from most players, we’ll start off with Multiplayer since I think that should be addressed first since it has an extensively long list.


Multiplayer over the course since Halo 3 (I’m using Halo 3 as my primary example since it was the first globally launched multiplayer system) has been an arena based multiplayer system, each player starts off with the same loadout, no other player is segregated differently by there custom choice of their own loadout, it is solely based on skill, team-work, and strategy which is what turned me onto Halo in the first place. Those three components were essential needs into playing further beyond to victory and this spans through all the Halo games essentially.

Map Aesthetics: Now one thing I noticed in the Beta trailer for Halo 5: Guardians was that the arena was actually an arena which totally caught my eye in the best way it could. It knocked my head backwards in time when I remembered playing Arena on Reach which was never as advanced as they show in the trailer. But the whole arena idea for the multiplayer systems are a great idea, and atleast in the sense that if some fans dont agree then they can atleast take that idea and implement that into a separate multiplayer game mode. Or perhaps they could take the arena setting and make some other mode for simulation training, that would be nice. You could choose a position (ie. Sniper, Heavy Artillery, Medic, etc.) and you can have simulation training so you can further become better at the role.

Loadouts: Now me personally I do agree with pre-made loadouts, that was what made Halo separated from the rest of other RPG’s and Shooters however I felt as if in Halo 4 they more or less jumped on the bandwagon of making loadouts completely custom unless you were playing a specific game-mode that prohibits such. Reach for me personally wasn’t completely custom, you had spartan abilities but that shouldn’t completely hinder the experience that you get from playing, even in Reach you still had to hunt for the weapons in each map; there were no ordinance, there were no support abilities and such there were only your spartan abilities and the pre-made loadouts they gave you, anything beyond that was up to you and your team. So I think Reach’s loadouts were very well constructed and I feel that implementing Spartan Abilities and Pre-made loadouts are the best way to approach the original arena feel for the game yet still maintain a bit more freedom in choosing your loadouts.

Armory: Now this one is super touchy, for me atleast. I am a huge advocate for the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach armor. Both of those games had amazing armor, Halo 4 to me felt as if they were trying to push the envelope on the armor sets. They weren’t as visually appealing to me as much as Halo 3 and Reach’s armor were. I love the upgraded look they gave to the spartan armory however maybe if they could bring back some of the original looking armor back into Halo 5 that could maintain their direction for a more futuristic look though with original armor pieces retouched up from Halo 3 would still keep the boundary and combine the classic feeling along with the new direction of armor they are pushing. Now remember im not saying lets bust out some Halo: Reach armor and throw it in but rather take some more visually appealing armor from previous games and retouch them in their upgraded modern version.

Ranking System: There are several things from different games that I did not like regarding their ranking system. (ie. Reach’s ranking system was extremely long and it took way too long to rank up at a decent pace, Halo 4’s ranking system was just very short lived; power leveling to 130 was a breeze especially when most players hit the low level within the first week due to the double exp. fest they had. But gradually once you hit 130 there was seemingly no point in continuing to play, I was sure they would lift the cap but since we’re pushing into Halo 5 now I suppose not.) I think Halo 5 should dig far back into the ground and dig up their roots, I feel they should go back to the classic military style ranking system. For several reasons including it just generally makes more sense to do so considering Spartans are genetically enhanced super soldiers and they are ‘soldiers’ which literally means “a person who serves in an army” so it would make much more sense to stick with the classic military style ranking system.

Weapons: The weapons need to balanced much more in Halo: 5, the weapons in Halo 4 were ridiculous. This is most overused example but I will use it anyway since it very much is true. With a walking shotgun in pocket, the boltshot only took one charge shot (one clip) for a Spartans shield to instantly drop to zero and automatically open to anything (ie. Melees, Random fire, Primary Weapons, etc.). Now the Plasma Pistol is just as annoying however both of these secondary weapons need to nerfed down. But from Ive seen so far, the weapon choices that they have selected are well chosen and very well designed so thus far I have no other recommendations other than to balance each weapon in the future.

Spartan Ops vs Firefight: Now what distinguished these two apart? Both of them include spartans destroying waves of covenant forces, so whats the difference? Well in firefight, you are specifically trying to survive from the incoming layering waves upon waves of covenant scum! And in Spartan Ops it is rather aimed to be a designated Operation that your spartan is sent on to destroy Covenant forces. So you have the basic segregation between the two already. Firefight = Survival ~ Spartan Ops = Designated and Planned -Yoink–Kicking. But everyone is in an uproar on whether each one should be in the game. I feel they should combine them into one, have that awesome spartan ops chapter saga mixed in with the survival scenario. How they would formulate that into one is completely their own creation but it would a great idea to explore and it would definitely be a milestone by combining the two.

Forge: I feel like Halo 4 forge was limited and with the new dedicated servers that the xbox one offers I think they can expand on this a lot more. Forge World in Reach was the ultimate forging experience, for me atleast. Forge World offered massive space, multiple islands, mountains, hiding spots, it was the ultimate map for literally anything. If you wanted to play a brawl with maybe a 6v6 on forge world with a specific custom map then you had the opportunity to do so which gave so many things to do. Now if they can bring back something great of that essence or maybe even a forge world replica in a sense then I feel with the customization option combined with a map that huge in mass; forge would be reclaimed.

In halo 5 for mutiplayer they should bring back lots of old maps, wepons, dual welding,armor abilities but their should be a map that is huge and open like a sandbox where you can build insane stuff my asome maps and you can place vechiles but like amost all them you guys made for other halos. next armor add lots of more details for the game but try to add a.i for mutiplayer like campain where you have your own special a.i where you can create and use in mutiplayer so it kinda gives you a edge and makes the game more interactive. Loudouts. Guns make them special change the colors no themes like paint colors add details like customizing it your own special way ,emblems, more wepons and lots of old ones like smogs and others