So it’s been a while since I personally picked up a game of Halo. I’m a longtime fan of the franchise, but University an der all things generally got involved the way.

But I had to go back to it recently. Not because of the recent MCC update (btw, thank you 343 for that, it’s beaut) but because I’d had the pleasure of seeing a fan made vid about the Chief that we all love. Full disclosure, my brother made it. Even fuller disclosure, it’s absolutely insane.

i think we can safely say that a big concern for our community was the focus on Chief in H5. Except after watching this tease I realised just how integral, if low in quantity, the Chief is still to this story. That may sound stupid, but seriously, check out this trailer.

For any Halo fan, you won’t be dissapointed, it’s the Chief as we all know him, mixed with the story that within 6 mins is ridiculously compelling.

Any for 343, check it out, it’s a trailer that I reckon is worthy of your time (and love your commitment to MCC!)

LINK BELOW!! Pls share it and take a look!
YouTube username —> Th3 Jackanator
Title —> Reclaiming the king