"Reclaim This!" challenge did not complete

I played Reclaimer thru on Legendary this week and I received the achievement for it but the “Reclaim This!” weekly challenge did not complete. I finished last night and it was not there so I checked again today and it’s still not there. Please advise! It was my personal goal to get all those legendary weekly achievements.

Just try re-doing it if it didn’t unlock, 343i can’t just change the challenge to ‘complete’ for you.

If you don’t mind, I would like to see if anyone has anything helpful to suggest before I just blindly spend time redoing it only to have in not unlock again.

Also, I don’t know why support wouldn’t be able to look at my account and see that I recieved the achievement last night at 2am but not the challenge and fix it. Most MMORPGs have some level of in game support that can look into failed reward systems like that.


Same thing happened to me last night. completed it, got the achievement for completing the level, but not the challenge.

You must be Xbox live and cannot dissconnect at anytime

If you didnt get it, then why are you here complaining? Do it again and make sure you get it. I also would not Gamble that you can leave and do it later. This game is Fragile as it is.