Recent Screenshots?

Just a quick question, where are all the recent screenshots taken in Halo Reach and Halo 3 going now?

Screenshots are going nowhere. Waypoint says they’ll be having something on the web for fileshares in the “summer”. Which is nice and vague. Both about the content - we have no idea if it’ll be close to replicating the features that had, equal it, or surpass it, or fail completely; and about the time - “summer” could be sometime in June, or could be mid September and not be a complete lie. As far as halo 3 stuff…the theme 'round here seems to be one of ignoring that game existed, so I wouldn’t expect to see much happen there even when summer comes along.

Screenshots can be put in your fileshare, and shared in-game with people. But you will likely need a capture card or just take a picture of your TV with an actual camera to get your screenshots on the computer.

Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll use my capture card then. Really gonna miss the “Click to download in Hi-Res” feature tho. =(