Recap of recent news

So lot of news dropped recently, gonna do my best to recap everything!

So the game picks up a few months after the Halo being messed up and the UNSC “losing”. Chief and Brohammer are working together but want different goals. Brohammer wants to get away from the ring while Chief wants to wage war and stop the Banished. The Banished are led by a new character named “Escharum”, he seems to be really excited to see Chief and wants a good fight with him.

It seems like the game has gone open world! There is several hidden things scattered around the map that range from weapons to help chief in his next attack to lore items to give the fans some more insight on what’s happening. There are also upgrades, it has been said it’s not a skill tree but more so items you find that chief can use such as the grapple shot (the grapple hook’s official name) or the drop shield.

The gameplay seems like a blend of Halo 3 and Halo 5 to me. It’s got a bit slower pace to it while keeping some of the advanced movements H5 introduced such as clamber and sliding (sprint is back too ofc). It also seems they have brought back equipment from H3 however for campaign you keep it with a cool down and then in MP it’s the pick up style.

We saw several weapons introduced and a few that are returning for this game.
UNSC: Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Bulldog Shotgun (pump action shot said to be a replacement?), MK50 Sidekick (pistol), and the VK78 Commando (full auto rifle good for medium to long ranges.
BANISHED: Plasma Pistol, Needler, Ravager (burst fire Brute weapon that uses the plasma vent system like the Plasma Repeater), Pulse Carbine (Burst fire precision weapon operates similar to the Ravager), Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer (it’s in chief’s visor on the box art), and the Mangler (seems like a replacement for the Mauler).

We only saw a handful of vehicles but going off of the Mega Construx sets we know a decent few that will appear (these are the drive-able ones)
UNSC: Warthog, Wasp, and Mongoose
BANISHED: Banshee and Shade Turret

So this is a touchy one, from what I can gather it seems like the style they are going for is what Halo CE had which was a more scifi take on it with bright and shiny take on the future. Reach eventually introduced the darker more realistic style that dominated Halo in the 2010s so the choice to go this more lighthearted route is by choice and not sloppy design it would seem.

We know next to nothing about MP other than equipment is back and some of the equipment is like the Grapple Shot and Drop shield. They have stated in the next few months we will learn more and there will be a flight plan for Infinite!

From the sounds of it, 343 wants Infinite to be a platform of sorts. They said it’s their last standalone title for a good while so I assume this means we will be seeing story expansions that might even take us off the Ring in the future. I wouldn’t expect this to be like Destiny however, more like how Halo Wars 2 was handled post launch with new MP stuff and some new story missions.

That’s all I could find on Infinite that dropped in the past few days, if I missed anything feel free to leave it down below!