Rec Point Issue

Hi there, so this is a small topic in the hopes that 343i are listening to us and taking in feedback to do future changes.

So this is regarding the rec points, the current issue is that the best way to obtain a decent amount of rec points is through Warzone, Arena hardly gives you any rec points. This has become an issue for people like myself that are wanting to unlock more armour, stances, assasinations, heck even our old emblems …etc as we feel forced to play Warzone in order to get rec points faster (around 2000 rec points per a match).

The solution here is to up the amount of rec points in Arena and possibly add more ways to obtain rec points. So in Arena you could make it so you get around 1000-1500 rec points while Warzone will still give you around 2000-2500 and could add in rec points from completing campaign missions, not as much as Arena or Warzone but an ok amount and its a different amount depending on if you completed the mission on easy, normal, heroic or legendary.

Now this isn’t a major “MUST FIX NOW” issue, but its an issue non the less. At the moment when i jump on Arena, i enjoy it but at the end of the match i see the rp just slowly trickle in and it makes me want to do Warzone and nothing but.

Thankyou for your time

Ps. I’m not hating on Warzone, i fricking love it. Just sometimes you want a break from it and still feel like you’re getting rewarded.

It’s fine the way it is, warzone matches last a lot longer than arena, just keep playing mathes, you can buy a gold pack in around 10-15 matches of arena

I agree with OP…also its REQs not recs.

Actually, you earn exactly the same amount of REQ points per minute. The 4 people in my house have tested this extensively

For instance, my last swath match lasted 3:45 (shorter than most), I placed 3rd on the loosing team, and earned 522 REQ.
The warzone match after that lasted 19:26, I placed 8th on the loosing team, and earned 1,852 REQ.
No boosts were used, obviously.

In this case, the Swat match earned me 139 REQ per minute and the warzone match earned me 95 REQ per minute. But, because points earned changes due to rank and performance the average comes out to (about) 100 REQ per minute. Warzone only seems better because the points come in huge chunks.

Don’t believe me? Play some games, record the time and points earned on the Carnage Report, and do the math yourself. We tried to find a fancy workaround, but sadly, there isn’t one.