Reasons why infinite is more like Cod than Halo

Feedback from a “Halo Elitist”. Some say we are crying with no real feedback/ dont even know what we want etc… This is probably futile posting this, but ill give it a go anyway.
The problem with Infinite is the core of its design philosophy which cannot be fixed.

  1. Weapons too OP. (All of the weapons are op and have no weakness and or quirks to them.) They kill too fast and they have been normalized to fulfill more broad roles. Examples such as Shotgun has more range and is now automatic. AR has more killing range and is more lethal in general. Plasma weapons travel faster and have a “reload” function now. Making them like regular guns.

  2. BR has more depth than all other mid range non power weapons. The BR is magic and I cant even explain it with words. Yet the BR is barely in the game and now must compete with Commando and AR which are very simple weapons in comparison. There is a reason why every hardcore Halo player loves the BR and thats because it is an incredibly designed weapon that works so well for Halo.

  3. Maps have no depth in terms of Angles and Movement. This one is hard to explain, but compare maps like Guardian, Lockout and Construct to the maps in Infinite weve seen. These maps all have much more depth. many more angles, power positions and routes between them. The maps are more like COD maps now, very simple.

  4. Too fast movement. (Halo at its core is strategy fps. not Twitch fps.)

  5. Range is different. Range has been normalized at mid. Most encounters are mid range because of design (Like Cod) so Melee and cqb now take a back seat.
    You will notice there are no strict cqb weapons in infinite and the close range weapons that are in game have also some type of mid range capability. The strategy element of weapons has been significantly reduced.

  6. The Golden triangle, Guns/Melee/Grenades are no longer in balance. Melee and Grenades have been reduced due to the range and overall effectiveness of the guns.

  7. Hit markers. This is a way bigger deal than it seems. Fighting at mid to long range without hit markers is way different than with them. Hit markers give away too much information about damage and change the strategy of the players. In Halo 3 a lot of times you dont know exactly how close an enemy is to dying and exactly how many bursts it will take from a BR to kill them. So it makes decision making much more cautious. This gives combat much more depth.

Overall, Halo Infinite for these reasons feels like a traditional modern shooter and does not feel like Halo. All of the quirks have been rubbed out, the gameplay has been ironed down and molded into a very simple, aiming based, modern shooter. The strategical elements of the game have been reduced in favor for more speed and mechanical skill potential.

I literally couldn’t even get past #1 when you stated the shotgun “has more range”…

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> I literally couldn’t even get past #1 when you stated the shotgun “has more range”…

ROFL, you dont think it has more effective range than Halo 3 shotgun. Thats funny

Did we play the same flight or did you not play at all?

I played it. What did I say that is inaccurate?

Honestly very well put. I agree with the most of it. H4 is my favorite so I enjoy some modern features in Halo. That being said, as soon as I saw the tiny reticles in the multiplayer reveal I was worrried. Some weapons are far too accurate for those little maps. At least the aim assist appears to be tame.

melee range was lengthened and assassinations removed to compensate for the over effective guns.

There is way too much audio and video feedback. Some type of audio cue is playing at all times and everything is glowing or on a timer etc.

Overall the game looks fun, but seems to be centered around drawing in and keeping a larger buyer/player base than just making the best Halo experience. They have to please Microsoft

Please divvy up your feedback and put it in the appropriate feedback threads pinned to this forum. That’s where 343 is collecting feedback.