Reaper Storm Clan seeking members.

Salutation fellow spartans of the UNSC, I am Spartan J022 and Im looking for soldiers who are willing to fight along side I and my teammates in the war against the Covies and go toe to toe with other spartans in the war games! We range from playing multiplayer, spartan ops, custom games as well as assisting with achievements; we are a fun loving group who just love halo and we are all great friends. The only requirements are when we play hectic games such as btb you follow orders unless you need to help out a teammate and have the reaper storm emblem. Im looking for spartans who take pride at not just being good but have fun while doing it. We do not tolerate people who get mad or team kill over weaponry or vehicles. Youll need a mic if your going to enlist, so if your interesed let me know ill be glad to have you on the team. I and my co leader will review your stats and get back to you asap. Please and thank you. Spartan 022 over and out! P.s. We can use some snipers and drivers as well as cqc type spartan. So just message if your interesed

if ur still recruting i would like to join

> if ur still recruting i would like to join

I have reviewd you and I am very impressed. Welcome aboard reaper Storm Spartan. I will contact you via xbox message to congratulate you again.