Really want to know how to run Modded Maps on Server Browser


I’ve been looking into mods for MCC and I found a version of Forge World where you can place Pelicans, Phantoms, Space Banshees and even the AA Turret, that was in Long Night of Solace. But I don’t know how to incorporate this into the server browser; Since this is a modded version of the vanilla Forge World, the game crashes when I restore the original Forge World, Unsurprisingly.

Link to mod:


I’m on Xbox so I haven’t tried it myself so I may be wrong in a few places, but I believe there is a program you need to install on your computer (can’t remember the name) that allows players to join modded maps. I think you need to have it running alongside the game but as I said I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure there are videos on YouTube that explain how to do it. As far as I know though I don’t think Xbox players can join just yet as mod support hasn’t been added for them yet but again I could be wrong.


to be honest, i joined modded servers, on xbox myself and i saw falcons with AA flak shades bolted on them so there is a way… just want to know how.

I think that was part of a modded gametype that was one the 360, Mythic slayer I believe it was. You could attach a whole manner of vehicle weapons, spawn in npc models and a bunch of other stuff


ahhh i get it.

But I have a request for MCC. Can’t 343 release a software that PC Players can then use to host their own server outside the game. Much like Minecraft, Terraria and Doom’s Zandronum where such servers can appear in game for others to join.

I wish the same for MCC so players can join the server wether they automatically download the mods needed or manually so that they can join and play on the server.

This’d really allow the modding community to share their work with the playerbase and expand on the already free-roaming world that 343 has given us.

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Let’s be clear about a few things. If you play matchmaking or the Custom Game Browser (CGB) then Easy Anti-Cheat must be running and it will block all mods. Period. The game does not support modding online through either of these at all and in any capacity.

What you’re seeing is stuff done via the built-in scripting that launched with Halo: Reach back on Xbox 360 so Bungie would be able to release new gametypes without pushing out a Title Update. It’s present in Halo 4 and Halo 2A but not in Halo CE, Halo 2 classic, or Halo 3.

If you want to play with mods you have to do the following:

  1. Download the mod.
  2. Replace game files with the mod.
  3. Load the map you replaced.
  4. Other players must do the exact same thing to play with you online.

There are some small exceptions. If the host is a PC player who has Easy Anti-Cheat off then they can host a normal custom game for other PC players and Xbox players. This can be used to disable the kill boundaries in Halo: Reach and to start custom games on firefight-exclusive maps. It’s also possible to make players shoot rocket shots out of ARs and things like that. These are a few examples of things possible in Halo: Reach.

MCC does not have player-hosted dedicated servers. The CGB uses dedicated servers but they are all 343-controlled. I really wish this was a thing.

For what’s possible today I’d start by looking at these two tools. Assembly supports the whole series (use the experimental update branch if you can’t edit a map after an update) and RVT is just for Reach’s built-in scripting, but there is great progress being made on gametype scripting tools for Halo 4 and Halo 2A.