Really old Topic: Language

I’ve had Halo Reach for about a year now. Yeah no pre-oder or anything like that, well in that amount of time I, personally, never even touched the Campaign nor the Firefight without turning muting my TV because Halo in German is worse than listening to classical music, notice: this is opinion and I despise of classical music. Concluding from this statement I hope 343 will eventually release a language pack, something Bungie, sadly, never did. I would like to enjoy Firefight and Campaign with the sound turned on. While I’m at it, if Halo 4 is in German, as in Master Chief speaks German, I will take the game and destroy it in the worst possible manner imaginable. I think we can also conclude from my statement that I really hate my native language, just to put it out there.

Yes, that’s correct my English is not good, and who would post in German when everybody here speaks English. Considering, even if this was a German forum I’d post in English.