Really need help, all.of my reqs dissapeared

About a week or two ago all of my reqs that I worked forever to save up just dissapeared. I lost all of my warzone weapons, vehicles, boosts, and power ups. Somebody please help, I’ve started saving up again but I still don’t even have half of the things that I had saved up. Another useful price of info is that when I got on that day, all of my stuff had reset, my armor, my emblem, and my tag. All of that stuff was still there, I just had to change it back, I didn’t look at my empty warzone reqs until about an hour after that because I was too busy playing arena.

You might try the support forum, they might be able to give you an answer over there.

Check with support your not alone. This is my final attempt at an account I’ve lost a level 92 and 52 account now I realize it’s not just on my end. Hope they sort it out if it did it again to this one id be very upset don’t blame you.