REALLY?!?! And I cant even watch the cinematic :(

So yes I to like everyone am really frustrated about the state of matchmaking. And now the halo channel. I love halo… like a bunch. And I am not one to complain. But the halo channel was the last straw. Yes I think you guys should be putting most of your energy in to resolving matchmaking (that’s a given). But when you take away my online play I am only left with the campaign. Which has been amazing, but as you guys know one of the greatest parts of the campaign is drooling over the cinematic. And while I cant play ONLINE with my friends (comfortably), I wanted to show them the amazing cinematic. “Oh, wow they have a convenient link to watch all the new cinematic!”, “oh wait… clicking ‘play’ on any cinematic plays some other random clip.” REALLY… like really! I love this game and I am not going to give up on it any time soon but when you know you have fans that are this die hard and more… get your -Yoink- together. please

I struggle to watch the cinematics. Either they’re jumpy or they play in about 240p… as far as I can tell pausing and waiting for them to buffer like you would in youtube has no effect. I just have to pray the internet is behaving.
I’m having a last straw moment as well. Is this the future of games? Halo or Xbox asking me to tweet every five seconds, or watch an ad before I watch a terminal? Streaming cutscenes? Microtransactions and peripherals? (excuse me while I catastrophise).

For specific videos that don’t play (Another video loads after a short time instead) can you please identify which video you were attempting to watch, and whether you linked in from MCC or if you launched Halo Channel and went to the specific videos directly.

I am gathering information for the purposes of investigating the issue, and finding a resolution… any help provided is greatly appreciated.

And why do I have to navigate extra just to get back where I was after watching a video? Seriously…