Really? Again?

did you not learn from halo 4 when we -Yoinked!- and moaned cause the dmr is better than the battle rifle? Ya. Well get ready for it again.

Personally, I equate the dmr with the current downfall of halo. It’s range is much too far and it can hold its own with the mid range guns

also nerf the ar. Halo has always been about weapon pickups and you really don’t need to pick anything up on midship.

i do like the movement though

I’ve done quite well with both the DMR and the BR. I actually can’t decide which I like better or is more powerful. I think the DMR is fine.

The DMR IMO is very well balanced, its good at long range, and sucks at close range. simple as that

In the beta, the DMR is good if you have open range, yet the BR is better in most other circumstances.


I don’t believe there needs to be both. One or the other. They proved in Halo 2 A that a BR could be very effectivee at long range.