Really 343... a New stupid Phaeton!?!?!?!

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Really 343? Are this stupid? I am sorry but I am extremely pissed off. No falcon, just another stupid Phaeton. 343, use your head you idiots. Memories of Reach, don’t false advertise something like that. The Falcon was one of the memories. That there is the biggest disappointment I have even seen in you. I would love to have a UNSC flying vehicle!!! Is the UNSC that pore and pathetic to add it into wargames? 343, That Phaeton better have extra, and I mean extra armor. Get this through y’alls thick heads. A lot of people want a UNSC Vehicle, and I assume Machinima would love that. You failed this Community, no elites, and no UNSC Flying vehicle. I thought I was gonna love the update, but I hate it. The only good thing is the gun and the armors. Everything else no. My memories from Reach was the Falcon, Forge World, and Noble Team. You are P, A, T, H E, T, I, C. PATHETIC!!!

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Preach it!!