Realizing Spartan Companies are gone

For a game that they want to last for 10 years, in surprised there is no guild or clan feature. Well, there is the Spartan company… but no word on that?

Matter of fact, would you guys still appreciate that? I’m sure many people put hard worked into those things…

It was a nice social feature, it’s a real shame they weren’t brought forward or replaced in Infinite.

I have a feeling they have something planned, but honestly if not the reason is likely because Discord exists.

Pretty much everyone is in multiple LFG and other communities via their phone/computer/etc.

But again, with the Waypoint app I wouldn’t be surprised if they have something in the oven.

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They added literally nothing to the game or experience. It was a bad interface on a website almost no one uses. Just make your spartan/clan tag/emblem all the same if you really feel the need to be in an “elite gamer clan” with your buddies.

Damm, no need to sound so angry and insulting on the keyboard.

I know the Spartan company added nothing but a grind for an armor. Thats why I mention the function again. Are we to see Companies return and come back more opportunities?