Reality Check: My Advice For Pricing

These are the current prices for ‘credits’ in New Zealand dollars.

10,000 + 1,500 BONUS $149.95NZD - “BEST SELLER!” Uh huh sure it is.

5,000 + 600 BONUS $75.95NZD

2000 + 200 BONUS $31.95NZD

1000 $15.95NZD

500 $7.65NZD

Jeez, at least take us to dinner first eh. Here’s my advice as a customer and human being(assuming the amount of credits for items are unchanged).


  1. Lose the aggressive shopping channel vibe. Change “BUY CREDITS” to “Buy Credits?”.

  2. Get rid of the “BEST SELLER!” TOTAL BS labelling of the most expensive ‘deal’ and display real-world percentages next to each option showing how many players bought what.

Cost changes:






Season of Battle Pass=$30NZD (think it’s currently $15NZD or something)

That’s what I think it should be. I know it won’t happen but that’s what I think. Anyway, like I said in another post, unless it’s changed to actually be good value and Player First then you won’t get another cent out of me over the next 10 years I will stick with my ODST armour and never change it as protest.

My pricing would amount to $120NZD per year per player for every Season of Battle Pass. Plus all of the extra credits for store stuff. And many people would be waaaaay more likely to spend money.

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Pretty sure it said “best seller” back when the game first launched, so you’re right to be skeptical.

But the cost of credits is irrelevant. If the cost of items remains unchanged and everything just has increased credit costs, nothing about prices has changed at all. You just see a bigger number in your credit wallet that has a decrease in value.

Like, if someone moved my bank account to have a few extra zeroes but everything at the store increased with the same percentage, this wouldn’t make me feel better at all.

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  1. I’m looking at it right now and it still says BEST SELLER!

  2. I said in my post assuming the amount of credits for items don’t increase.

I didn’t say it still doesn’t. I was saying that before anyone bought anything it still said “best seller”

Ah I misunderstood. I thought you were talking about pricing not changing.

So basically you want everything to effectively have, say, an 85% discount?

Well I’m gonna hit you with my own reality check: People are clearly okay with spending credits at the current pricing scheme because I’ve seen a lot of cat ears and iron man colors. Why on earth would they make such a drastic change when people are clearly cool with dropping lots of cash on these things?

I don’t expect it to change. If it doesn’t I’ll just stick with my ODST setup permanently and I encourage anyone else to do the same. Vote with your wallets.

If most players essentially paying the price of 2 games a year - often more - just on cosmetic BS isn’t enough then at least have the decency to not lie to our faces and make sure the content is all there and everything’s actually working lol.

It’s not player first it’s business first. Honestly, the games industry is so cynical and messed up these days.

Yeah, I remember laughing at that one 15 minuets after release on the first startup. :joy:


P.S. The DLC Campaigns need to be free for players who spent $100NZD on the Campaign or a lot more cosmetic unlocks need to be added to the Campaign.