Realistic approach to AA's/Loadouts

It was commented on the 03/07 bulletin that “perks” we may see aren’t what people are speculating. By this, I assume they meant “It’s not Call of Duty.” They did however note something about how it is up to date in that type of way.

A while ago in a video, Frank was answering questions about Mast Chief wearing the
“Jetpack” and said it was more of a “Booster pack” than the piece of crap in Reach. Well, he didn’t call it that, but I did…

So, take sprint and the booster pack into the picture. What if those things are still present, but seriously dimmed down on time of effect and overall cooldown was increased? It would seriously make you rely on your basic walk and fire skills. I think that may be the case when they talk about perks. I think maybe, perks, are our new AA’s. They may also be pickup only, because of a comment I’ve read or heard elsewhere at one point or another. I also read how some armor permutations will serve a purpose and some won’t. I think this is it.

If so, would you be cool with it? Would you prefer having these effects dumb-ed down a lot, or just strictly picked up as power ups? Personally, I’d be okay with them taming it down a little. I honestly don’t like loadouts all that much, but either way…


Well first of all, if Sprint is an AA they’ve gone seriously wrong.

But I’ve always found problems with AAs being pick-up, particularly the Jetpack. If only one person has access to the Jetpack at any time it enables them to get to places unreachable without it. That’s all fine and good, but then it renders everyone else unable to fully attack them, especially if he’s in possession of the Sniper and another ranged weapon. And while I’m all for being able to take up a tactical defensive position, everyone should have access to that position.

Other than that, AAs like hologram, drop shield and the like would be good as pick-ups. It’s only when a pick-up can change the layout of the battlefield that it becomes a bit much.

No AA’s or equipment IMO

People keep saying no perks or AA’s, but it’s probably going to happen. :\ I’m just saying if it does, pick a poison.

Sprint looks like it is a default ability. If everyone has a thruster pack and you get to modify the way it behaves would be cool.

For example you can make it give you a boost forward or w/e so you can incorporate it into a long jump or use it in a strafe.

Another way would be to give you a significant jump increase but not actual flight.

These are but some examples of harmless asymmetrical abilities that can be incorporated through these so called “perks”.