I am not here to bash 343. But this reason alone made the maps in halo 4 seem old within days of playing. That reason being: constant ability to select from 3 different maps.

Remember in the old halo 3 days when you were given ONE map to choose, and you could veto this map and receive one more map to choose?

Well lets put that in perspective for halo 4.

Infinity Slayer has 5 maps implanted total: Adrift, Abandon, Solace, Complex, and Haven.

3 maps are given to pick from. 3/5 maps.

If haven is in those three options 8/10 games you play. Guess what? Your playing Haven 8 times out of 10.

So people can constantly pick their favorite map over and over again, causing an overkill of the best map in the game.

Imagine if this was the option in halo 3. We would play guardian every single time.

They need to go back to what I call the “Radio map”

How much better does it feel to hear one of your favorite songs on the radio at random instead of picking that song on your ipod whenever you want?

How much better did it feel to get guardian BR’s in halo 3, instead of getting to pick that gametype every single time?

Its human nature. When we are given everything, we take nothing for granted. Not being able to play the favorite map every game makes a difference and is better for over-all longevity of the game.