real life warthog

I’m thinking of trying to build a warthog. What would be some good ideas for this? Using a full vehicle could be expensive as hell. Do you think a golf cart or dune buggy could be used. Any ideas how to do the body? Is there 3d printers available that could build body panels? Or would wood and fiberglass be the way to go?

I would highly recommend using the chassis and other framework from some other vehicle, probably from an SUV or Pickup Truck if you’re making the Warthog full size. You’ll probably need to make the body yourself, which won’t be too problematic with how simple the Warthog’s geometry is. I would make the body out of aluminum as that’s what some trucks use. Your hardest parts will probably be the windshield and fitting lights, and depending on which state or country you live in, the massive mounted machine gun. A project like this wouldn’t exactly be quick or cheap, so I would definitely recommend making it as a Dune Buggy instead, which will be most of what I stated above except for the type of chassis and framework, and ultimately will be much cheaper and easier.

I’m going to try and have a “mini hog” myself!
I’m going to buy a Geo Tracker!

Build a turret out of pvc pipe. I can’t wait!

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> I’m going to try and have a “mini hog” myself!
> I’m going to buy a Geo Tracker!
> Build a turret out of pvc pipe. I can’t wait!

Smart Hog

Sounds like an awesome project, OP!

Good luck!

Like Silent W00lf said: Aluminium should be the used material.

Do you want it look as close to an actual Warthog as possible, or just have the kind of OD Green style that looks similar?

Sounds Awesome!

I would say finding a cheap dune buggy with a symmetrical wheel base (same axle and tires in the front and back) would be the best place to start. Their framework style resembles a warthog and is basically a blank canvas for cosmetic changes. Fiberglass body panels might give you the best result as it is easier to work with for the average DIYer, uniformly shaping aluminum can be tricky with out experience or equipment. Though if you wanted to keep all of the panels flat aluminum could work out easily enough.

And a compressed air turret would be totally legal, you could shoot out blue glow sticks for a gauss gun effect.

Will definitely be freaking awesome if you manage to pull it off. Good luck mate.

That would be so cool, I’ve always wanted to see one of the vehicles in real life. Go for it!