reading failure HALO anniversary hard disk.

I do not speak English so I hope you understand. When I install the game of halo anniversary disc still spinning in the drive Rather Than stand still. someone else will happen?. and only with that game.

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When you install a game on the hard drive, all of the game data is stored there. This reduces stress on the CD drive and decreases loading times.

Microsoft likely required that you still put the CD in the drive in order to combat piracy concerns. But once you put in your disk, your console will use the data stored on the hard drive, not the CD.

Whats going on is that the game is still being read off of the dvd even when installed to the xbox 360 hard drive. this happens to me too.

After you install the game to the hard drive, take the disk out. Then go to your game library and navigate to the game, and select “Play Game.” It will ask you to put the disk back in, but I think this way we can be reasonably sure that it’s playing from the hard drive.

Again, I’m pretty convinced that you only have to put the disk in so that they know you still own the game. Otherwise you could just install a bunch of games from Redbox and get games for nearly free.

Keep playing, it stops spinning the disc eventually.

I dont know why it does it either.

I don’t know why it does it, but as Fatal Factor says, it should stop. I usually notice that it has stopped after 15-20 minutes of playing, but it might not even take that long.