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I just wanted to say -Yoink- THE MODERATORS, you perma banned my account. -Yoink- you -Yoinks!-. instead of sucking 343i’s -Yoink- and crucifying everyone who speaks out for themselves do your job the correct way. -Yoink- you i dont give a -Yoink- if you ban this account either, do you now how easy it to make another account and post? good job failing at your moderator position. Furthermore you guys are extremeists and your epeen has to be the biggest. ive put up many valid points on how halo 4 isnt a good game, but yet some of my posts get deleted, get banned for saying something that might be offensive to one person and not the other, but then right after i saw in another thread the person -Yoink!- the same thing and yet i told [REDACTED] about the ban and never got a reply. ban this account i dont care if i wanna post again ill make another.

Specifically [REDACTED] im most certainly thnk hes the one who wrote some of he Terms and wants to have something to do with 343i so he shoves his epenis up your -Yoink-.

Maybe instead of pointlessly raging at the mods, you should make a persuasive arguement explaining why you believe you’ve been wrongly banned.